Bye Bye Bartleby – Conclusions


Lawyers across all practices, but especially solo and small practices, must acceept the new economic realities.   They must learn to work smart and bill smart to deliver high quality legal services at reasonable fees using the full panoply of technological tools available for case and practice management.  Trial lawyers who adapt will uniquely benefit from the new technologies for case management, because the Galley Slave Ship model fails practically as well as financially for effective litgation.

It is the duty of all lawyers to restore the public’s trust by returning to the ideals we started with, and that are justly expected of us today: honesty, fair-dealing and the ability to solve our clients’ legal problems cost-efficiently.  Lawyers who meet these new challenges will survive.  The others will  be marched off to the legal profession’s La Brea Tar Pits.  In the immortal words of Bartleby, “I would prefer not to.”

Stephen M. Winnick, Esq. is the founder and senior partner of Winnick & Sullivan LLP (; and the developer of Summary Judgment™, a comprehensive case and practice management software tool built on Eastgate Systems’s Tinderbox data platform (;  Additional information about Summary Judgment’s features and operation is available in his prior blog series entitled Winvictus’s Summary Judgment – the Romero Case (http:/

Copyright © 2011 Stephen M. Winnick, Esq.  All rights reserved.


One Response to Bye Bye Bartleby – Conclusions

  1. C. Lewis says:

    Where does one find your Summary Judgment template for Tinderbox?

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